Lost in Translation

Some people asked, if I can translate my homepage to german, because it’s kind of hard to understand for them. Maybe you guys are right, but die Zeit alles zweisprachig zu betreiben möchte ich nicht investieren und so gehts nun überall auf deutsch weiter.
Aber es gibt wichtigeres, nämlich Musik! Hier eine neue Aufnahme von mir. Das großartige Love you death, im Original von Type O Negative in einer spontanen Akustik-Proberaum-Version.

As promised…

…a new original song by me. Unfortunately, I’m not satisfied with the recording process and quality anymore. Back to the drawing board…

Inside 50 Cycle Hum

Next week I hope to complete recording of a new original song. Till then, enjoy this acoustic cover version of Dave Van Ronks Hang Me, Oh Hang Me (widely known from the movie Inside Llewyn Davis).

Website and live dates

A few days ago, I put up a new website. Take a look at the info section for information about me, the live section for upcoming gigs and the media section for recordings, videos and stuff.
A few upcoming gigs are already announced. After a show at a local bookshop last week, I was asked to play at a reading of author Wolfgang Schorlau next week. I don’t know his work, but I’m very excited about it anyway.